Friday, May 14, 2010

Sony NEX-series Interchangeable-Lens Digital SLR Compact

Sony have follow up their announcement of releasing a compact interchangeable lens Digital SLR this June 3rd, named Sony NEX-5 and SOny NEX-3 compact DSLR. This company arrived 4th at the stage of mirrorless DSLR following Samsung, Olympus and Panasonic.

The dimension of NEX-5 only measure 24.2mm with 229 grams weight, their bodies were made from magnessium alloy. Both cameras feature Sony's Exmor high performance image sensor as well as a premium image processing engine Sony has. This new addition into Alpha compacts boast good image quality of an SLR in smaller body. Just like Canon with their HS system applied in 10 megapixels POwershot SD4000.

Sony NEX-3 will be priced lower than NEX-5, with around $100 difference. NEX-5 will be sold at $650. Different kit package will result in different pricing to. There are also an optional lens adaptor that give several effects like fisheye or wider 12mm viewing angle. If you're still feeling like buying a cheaper camera with good lens, you can have a try on SD4000 with Canon HS system.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 megapixels Canon SD4000IS

The never ending Canon improvement seems lead to Canon Powershot SD4000 Digital Elph to be born. To mark their innovation, this SD4000 is embedded with their HS system that work perfect for low light scene.

Canon SD4000 also offer P/A/S/M control for one with creativity with their camera, their users may even record video in a Hollywood slow motion manner. Pretty creative isn't it? This 10 megapixels Powershot SD4000 already imply DIGIC 4 image processor, this is sound like a claim to the camera good image quality even though it don't give you some projector capability like last year Nikon S1000PJ.

People were awing at their f/2.0 lens that made them resemble Canon S90. With 3.8x zoom wide angle lens, that just made a perfect combination for them. ISO 3200 feature in the camera also made clear to user that their low light capability is kicking. there haven't been any news about Canon SD4000 review right now. Maybe we should start looking for it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why I want a Nikon S1000PJ? The Projector Of Course

With all the publication about the new Nikon S1000PJ, I can't get my eyes avoid an interest about this "projector camera". But really, I never wonder that the photography crowds can become so enthusiastic with the concept of "view our photo together in my camera's projector".

I used to think that with photo sharing sites around, people would prefer to be all narcissistic with their photo shots by upload it to the sites like Flicker and then share the link to their friend, but with the coming and all the interest people have for this compact camera, I think Nikon really nailed this one right with their Coolpix S1000PJ. Well I'm waiting for my friend bought and show it off to me. Good job Nikon

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Canon SX20 IS was Good

Canon seems to released a good camera last month. I was having a good time with my photography activity using Canon Powershot SX10 IS, and now the Canon SX20 IS is already released by Canon to be its successors.

The main point of SX20 IS was giving a small camera that perform better than any common digital pocket camera. Therefore, bringing 12 Megapixel CCD with 20x Optical Zoom features make this point and shoot camera differ than the majority of pocket camera.

If you're interested in detailed review of Canon Powershot SX20 IS, you can visit the link I provided. As for me, I really like how SX20 provides me with good image quality and awesome video recording ability. What about you?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nikon D3000 for Photography Enthusiast

When Nikon released their Nikon D3000, it was like a cool breeze in the photography world. This new Nikon DSLR camera provides its user with high performance camera features and an easy to use interface in an affordable price. Nikon D3000 features a 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and it can also record moving picture in HD video quality.

The superiority of a DSLR camera can be obtained in this Nikon D3000 that able to focus on up to 51 different point, continuous shooting with the speed of 7 frame per second. Nikon stated that their D3000 was a cutting edge DSLR camera that will change the way photographer takes picture, and they wanted to prove it with providing a photographer friendly features like in the earlier Nikon D300. Well let's wait and see whether this Nikon D3000 can realy be a new wind for photography Enthusiast or not :D